Twist Top Cap Bottles: 30 mL, 60 mL, 120 mL, 240 mL

For when you want to make larger batches of your mixes, you can get the huge 240 mL bottle, and then of course when you want to dish out (or keep for yourself) a pocket-able 30 mL bottle, or sizes in between. All are easy to squeeze, and a twist top cap (so you don’t lose that damn red top stopper.)

Prices range from $12.89 for six 240 mL bottles to $17.95 for 25 30mL bottles. The prices change regularly, but keeping tabs on them, you can usually save a couple bucks — regardless these are the cheapest and best bottles you’re going to find. They’re from Amazon too, so save on shipping fees and delivery time with Prime.

20 Multi-Colored Cap 30 mL bottles with long thin tips

These are the perfect size for your pocket, and as of this post were $9.99 for the 20 pack – so that’s less than 50 CENTS per bottle.

The many colored caps are nice for when you’ve made many different flavors and want to spot a certain flavor from across the room (hopefully you have labels on each too.) Final bonus, the long thin tip helps to easily fit on any atty’s fill port.

American Weigh Scales LB-501 Digital Kitchen Scale


Mixing by weight is the way to go, as you may see, there are ZERO recommendations for stuff to mix by volume — because really you’re just wasting your time and effort. If you need some info on how to mix by weight checkout the Wiki on the topic on /r/DIY-eJuice.

Anyway, the scale is accurate – comes with weights to keep it accurate if you’re a perfectionist, and it works by battery or by plugging it in to an outlet. Because it can just be plugged in, you aren’t going to lose your last measurement because of a battery timeout, which is CRUCIAL. Anyway, this is a great scale for a great price.

Propylene Glycol 1 Quart – USP – KOSHER – PURE



Pretty much any Propylene Glycol (PG) that mentions Pure or Kosher or Food Grade USP is going to be good for use. Typically check reviews if you go with a different one — this is the cheapest, best reviewed one on Amazon. Also make sure when comparing, you’re looking at how big the bottles are (the pictures can look awfully similar for differing sizes sometimes.) Anyway, this is for a quart of PG.

Glycerin Vegetable Kosher USP – 1 Gallon




Again, when you find any VG that is Kosher or Pure or USP Food Grade, you’re good to go. Now, when it comes to VG, this is what your juice is going to need the most of. Most juices you’re making are probably going to be a higher ratio of VG than PG – and even when you’re making 50/50 ejuice, all the flavoring you’re adding is going to be in PG (well, 99.9% of the time, sure there’s VG flavorings but… not really a thing.)

Anyway, this is for ONE GALLON of VG for the cheapest and best reviewed on Amazon. The same brand, Essential Depot looks to offer smaller ones if you want to save some money initially. But really, you’re going to blast through this stuff when mixing, so just get a good amount from the start.

Brother P-touch Label Maker, Versatile Easy-to-Use Labeler




This is a very easy to use Label Maker – you can even save certain labels you’ve made. It includes designs and special characters, the whole nine. Anyway, the thing that particularly great is that the labels that this label maker produces stick great on bottles, and they STAY STUCK ON BOTTLES even with ejuice all over them. It can run with batteries or just plugged in (which is nice because I seem to always want to start vaping that new juice quick, forgetting to turn the label maker off — which luckily isn’t a problem since I have mine plugged in – maybe not so great for my power bill though…)

You can also get many different colors of labels and ink — see the next item on this list for that!

Brother P-touch Genuine TZe-441, ~3/4″ (0.7″) (TZE441)





As mentioned above, this tape has a laminated finish to it, and is plenty sticky to be perfect for labeling your mixes. This specific tape fits in the labeler mentioned above on this list. It took me quite a while to figure out the size of tape to get.. it gets real confusing on Amazon with so many options.. but this is the one!

There are TONS of options on colors also – I have this one linked as at the time of this writing it was $12.81 and all these tape colors can vary on price (day by day even some will go up and others down.)  Below is a snipping of the colors they offer the tape in:

Brother Label Maker Tape Colors Available

Capella Flavor Drops Sweet Strawberry Concentrate 13ml






Another important ingredient for your DIY eJuice mixing is the actual FLAVOR! While there are many sites that offer lots of flavors, none are super quick when you REALLY NEED that flavoring ASAP. Amazon happens to have a good variety of flavorings from Capella and Lor Anns. This Sweet Strawberry by Capella Flavors is the top rated according to r/DIY_Ejuice

Amazon has most of the Capella line if you browse around. Of course if you have some more time, you can check out Bull City Flavors or