Best Website Building Tools and Services

Oct 26, 2018 | Web Development, Web Marketing |

In this post I am looking to answer questions like:

  • What are the best website building tools and services?
  • Where can I get domain names for cheap?
  • What are the best ways to make money with websites?
  • Which VPN service is the best?

Building a website can be simple or it can be complicated. Getting together the best tools and services for putting your website out on the internet can give you a nice head start. In this post, I want to just give a bunch of options that will get you on the right path, and of course, on that right path securely.

NameCheap for Domains (Hosting and SSL Certificate Options Available As Well)

NameCheap offers all of your domain and hosting needs in one place. The best thing about it, it’s cheap! There are plenty of places you can go to spend more for tons of options you don’t really need, but if you’re just getting started, going with the least expensive option is your best bet. Doing it this way, you can get a feel for any additional features or options that you may realize you need when you get more into website building. There’s no need to start out with every web feature and feature beyond the basics. They even have managed wordpress hosting for less than $4 per month. If you’re on the fence about getting your website started and domain chosen, just start it here, now!

Share A Sale: Affiliate Marketing for your website


Share A Sale is an awesome way to get all your marketing needs done by tons of people all over the internet. Affiliate Marketing is a program where a website selling things gives special URLs through Share A Sale offering a commission for bringing people into their web stores. As you can tell by the links on THIS website, I have signed up with a number of affiliate programs (you would be surprised how many brands and companies use this service — big brands and small brands alike) to promote the things I find useful while occassionally making a small cut of the sales — usually like 5%-30% depending on the brand.

Anyway, if you’re not big on how to best market yourself, Share A Sale offers a great solution to get your name and brand out there, plus it’s providing backlinks and SEO for your website with so many places pointing towards it.

Of course, on the other hand, if you’re looking to build a website to do Affiliate Marketing, Share A Sale is the BIGGEST Affiliate Marketing service on the internet, so this is the place to sign up!

Best VPN for Website Development on the Road


Using a VPN service while developing your website away from home is a must. You want a VPN service you can trust, that is used by many people with good reviews. Being secure while sending passwords and viewing content over the Internet while connected to public networks is important. Anyway, this is a Hidden 24 VPN has a big following, and isn’t a scam like many of the other options out there. So check them out!

Abine: Providers of Personal Web Security for Online Payments and What People See When They Google Your Name (and how to get rid of it)



Abine is an interesting company that can help you with a few privacy and security related web needs.

First, they have their DeleteThis service, basically it’s a service that helps you with your web presence. Say that you don’t like what comes up when someone Google searches your name, well DeleteThis can take care of that. Or better yet, say you just don’t want your personal information so easily searchable by Google – like your address, phone number, etc. DeleteThis takes care of that too. The best part of this, in my opinion, is getting your mobile phone number OFF the internet for all those damn scammy callers that pay no attention to Do Not Call Lists to stop calling.

Second, they have their BLUR service, this is basically a service that you can use for making credit card payments online, you can use it to setup dummy credit card numbers that work for only their specific use. Kind of like having burner credit cards (you know like burner phones — you’ve seen The Wire, right?) Anyway, in addition to the credit card security, the BLUR service also offers a Password Manager as well as the ability to mask your email address for those situations you need to enter your email, but aren’t necessarily super excited for when that website shares your email address with every single company, business, scam they can think of.

So yeah, combining all of these security measures is great especially for when you’re just getting started with your brand on the internet, scrub the bad stuff or even the stuff you want private, and keep it all that way, and you’re in a far better place as your website and business start to grow.

Master of Project Academy: Online Courses





One of the best things about the world becoming increasingly online is that you can get all the education you need while at your computer. Master of Project Academy has TONS of online course options available, that are all at your own pace, and offer certificates upon completion. Some interesting courses to check out if you’re following the rest of this post: Microsoft Project Online Course, Ethical Hacker: From Zero to Hero Training, the many ITIL courses they have. It’s always a good idea to be as informed as possible in whatever industry you’re working at, and being aware of how best to manage technical projects as well as knowing how your website could be hacked and how to prevent those possibilities can’t hurt! Anyway, they offer a subscription service here, so you can finish the course quickly and pay less, or if you’re great at procrastinating (join the club) the continued monthly payments help to get you through that course a bit quicker.